Supplier of precise, localised real-time data for Smart Cities and Smart Retailers.

With its unique sensor technology applying the most stringent privacy rules and based on image analysis by Artificial Intelligence, Upciti characterises and optimises flows of goods and people for towns and local areas that are more pleasant to live in.




France – Paris

Upciti, partner of the Esri Startup Program, will be present at the SIG 2020 Conference, from October 12 to 16 in Paris.

Small or large, cities are by nature spaces in continuous evolution. In order to simulate, plan and accompany them, cities can now rely on particularly powerful tools.

Austria – Vienna

Upciti announces its partnership whith OiER

Cities across the globe are installing technology to gather data in the hopes of saving money, becoming cleaner, reducing traffic, and improving urban life.

France – Montreuil

Covid-19: upciti expands the functionalities of upciti move in order to optimize post-lockdown mobility in cities.

More than ever, Upciti teams are already working together with cities, retailers and local authorities to back up and advise them with the best possible solutions.