Supplier of precise, localised real-time data for Smart Cities and Smart Retailers.

With its unique sensor technology applying the most stringent privacy rules and based on image analysis by Artificial Intelligence, Upciti characterises and optimises flows of goods and people for towns and local areas that are more pleasant to live in.




Pays – Ville

Parkoview, supplier of real time data for towns and retailers, becomes Upciti and launches its latest generation embedded image analysis sensor.

This change is in line with its positioning from manufacturer of sensors to supplier of smart services.

France – Montreuil

From PKW1 to UPC5.

So at the beginning of 2015 he began to look for various solutions on the market and started testing them: ground mounted sensors, infra-red, movement detectors etc.

Luxembourg – Ettelbruck

Ettelbruck (Luxembourg) is optimizing its traffic flows thanks to Upciti UPC5 sensors.

In deploying such a solution, Ettelbruck has thus become Luxembourg’s first Smart City having fully connected its parking options, with clearly identified uses and proven user benefits.