Upciti - A unique technology, unlimited applications.

A unique technology, unlimited applications.

The Upciti solution is the fruit of development with our customers and prospective clients to understand their needs, motivations and restrictions. Each technical, algorithmic, functional or operational development is thought through to meet your needs as smartly and effectively as possible, taking into account all your constraints.

Furthermore, the wide range of applications and reliability of the data provided by Upciti are due to the robustness of the Artificial Intelligence detection model that we have developed, which allows our sensors to achieve unequalled detection reliability.

Rain, snow, night time, sunshine, objects in the carriageway, whatever the weather conditions or visibility, our sensors deliver the right information to you at all times.

Designed to deliver the same level of performance over time and to stand up to the worst weather conditions, our sensors are IP67 certified and undergo numerous resistance tests to guarantee their reliability and longevity in whatever environment they are installed.

The various power supply options developed to be perfectly compatible with our sensors enable them to be adaptable to all situations (battery kit, mains supply, 12 VDC, 24 VDC, filtering for public lighting power).

Upciti - Really smart, reliable, high performance and secure sensors.

Really smart, reliable, high performance and secure sensors.

Today, Upciti sensors achieve a detection level greater than 99% in real situations over all applications, and this level is continuously improving, while the functionalities themselves are extending and enriching (Levels from an audit of our customers comparing reality with detections).

Our Artificial Intelligence model is regularly upgraded to meet new applications and thus meet the ever more diverse needs of our users. With remote upgrading (OTA) all the sensors already installed can be given new capacities.

Upciti sensor configurations adapt precisely to your specific issues.

We have considered and designed Upciti sensors so that they easily installed and integrated into existing infrastructures, with the constraints that come along with this in terms of aesthetics (RAL), connectivity and power supply.