Parkoview, smart cities sensors raises €1,8 million from Demeter.

Parkoview raises € 1,8 Millions to deploy in cities its one of a kind embedded image analysis sensor to provide precise data in real time about parking occupancy, traffic.

Parkoview (now Upciti) at the Vivatech 2019 trade fair.

It was in this spirit that the Parkoview teams presented to professionals and to the general public their solutions for building more desirable and sustainable towns.

From PKW1 to UPC5.

So at the beginning of 2015 he began to look for various solutions on the market and started testing them: ground mounted sensors, infra-red, movement detectors etc.


Upciti UPC5 sensors in the service of urban area logistics.

France's second biggest town adopts the Parkoview (now Upciti) solution, first of all with an application specifically devoted to urban area logistics issues.


Soissons chooses the Upciti solution to reinvigorate the town centre.

The 16 parking areas on the roads and exterior car parks that are covered are part of the Town centre action reinvigoration programme.


Parkoview (now Upciti), winner of the quartier d’innovation urbaine in Paris.

The Quartier d’Innovation Urbaine Paris Rive Gauche, a symbol of modernity and equilibrium between urban development and public spaces.