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Upciti - Improve traffic flow and people's lives.

Improve traffic flow and people's lives.

Why? Because every day, drivers waste time looking for a parking spot, causing congestion in town centres. This search causes stress, pollution and noise.

It was to correct these problems that in 2017 we created Parkoview, which is now Upciti.

How? By making our real-time image analysis technology available to drivers, elected officials and, more generally, all public or private car park managers (shopping centres, airports, hospitals, university campuses, amusement parks, parking systems integrators, etc.).

What? A solution for detecting free parking bays in real time, the type of vehicle to be parked and to analyse the behaviour, preferences and habits in the use of parking spaces to improve traffic flow and user satisfaction.

“The upciti solution is really adapted to all types of vehicle car parks, because here we’ve really encountered all the problems involved. it’s a remarkable achievement.”

Upciti park
Soissons: Linear parking
Soissons: Linear parking

To reinvigorate its town centre, Soissons (France) is deploying 120 Upciti UPC5 sensors controlling 1600 parking places, to ease traffic circulation, accessibility and parking.

Marseille: Shared delivery and parking areas
Marseille: Shared delivery and parking areas

Marseille (France) is adopting the Upciti solution to optimise its urban zone logistics policy. A €600,000 project to simultaneously facilitate the work of delivery drivers and ease congestion in the town.

Grand Paris sud: In-out metering
Grand Paris sud: In-out metering

Cars have a place in multimodality, and the Grand Paris Sud [Greater Paris South] conurbation has chosen to render smart its railway station car parks in order to make them the option of choice.

Joué-lès-tours: Meter parking
Joué-lès-tours: Meter parking

To favour good parking rotation in the town centre and avoid over-stays, the municipality of Joué-lès-Tours (France) has deployed a dynamic parking solution using Upciti UPC5 sensors communicating with parking meters.