Covid-19: upciti expands the functionalities of upciti move in order to optimize post-lockdown mobility in cities.

Technology :

While we gradualy learn the post-lockdown starting points in the various countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, cities are getting ready as best as they can for this tricky transition.

As each country is following its own way, everyone knows that this pandemic will change the way we shop, work and travel. Major new trends are already emerging. Teleworking will be continued and encouraged for those who can do it ; staggered working hours will be promoted ; wearing masks will be compulsory when on public transports as well as sitting on selected seats ; cycle paths or car parks located at each city entrance (Park & Ride) will be developed, etc.

Upciti is backing up all these changes with its unique technology. Shortly after launching a new Upciti Park feature for retailers in order to help them securing post-lockdown consumer purchases, Upciti MOVE is evolving as the look of cities and the mobility flows change. In addition to the existing functionalities, the Upciti MOVE solution can be used to monitor the occupancy rate of Park-and-Ride facilities, the bicycle paths attendance, the queues at store entrances, the distance between pedestrians and, of course, traffic statistics in public places : everything at the same time and in a fully GDPR-compatible manner.

As Jean-Baptiste POLJAK, the founder and CEO of Upciti points out, « in this post-lockdown period, the citizens will, essentially, be key agents to the solution by strictly sticking to the regulations in force. Needless to say that technology alone cannot solve everything. However if it is well selected and well used, the technology will be of great help to elected representatives and public decision-makers. »

More than ever, Upciti teams are already working together with cities, retailers and local authorities to back up and advise them with the best possible solutions. As far as the fight against Covid-19 and the post-lockdown monitoring are concerned, Upciti solutions are reliable and proven to complement other technologies such as mobile applications.

Upciti response to the new issues of mobility and urban development demonstrate the technological relevance of Upciti UPC5 sensors to cope with the challenges raised by this pandemic, whether in terms of remote updating of the sensor pool or strict compliance with the GDPR requirements -, regardless of the laid out uses, – or the huge possibilities for detection.

Such effectiveness has no other goal than to step aside in favour of a genuine recovery where cities and territories would find again their bustle and liveliness.

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