Covid-19: Upciti expands the functionalities of its Upciti Park solution, to be able to shop with complete peace of mind

Technology :

On the day before the announcement of the lockdown related to the Covid-19, we noticed the same facts happening in retail stores : long queues, raided shelves, bare necessities out of stock. Meanwhile, home delivery and drive-through have reached strong peaks in activity. While the situation is not back to normal yet, the brands have implemented drastic security measures for their staff (masks, gloves and Plexiglas sheets fastened to the check-outs..etc), as well as for their customers (notably the one metre distance to be observed in the queues).

All these hygiene measures will likely be in force for some time and will change the working habits of employees, the customers’ consumption patterns and the layout of the premises, particularly the car parks. As a matter of fact, major retailers have quickly understood that their car parks are key assets in order to offer comfort and time saving to customers. During this special period, the major retailers are therefore developing their car parks by enlarging and securing the areas dedicated to the drive.

True to our raison d’être, which is to make cities and regions more easy to live in for everyone, it is one of our prerogatives to provide solutions to this unparallelled crisis thanks to our technology. This is why the functionalities of our Upciti Park solution have just been expanded to offer security and comfort while drive-in shopping.

Upciti provides retailers with the right solution for the post-lockdown spreading of the drive.

After ordering on line, the consumer reaches the delivery spot where he is given a reserved parking slot : here, he will smoothly get his shopping without any contact. As you can see, this solution optimizes the traffic flow in the car park, improves the queue management and provides real-time information about traffic congestion and waiting time, in short the most fluid and secure possible shopping experience.

For Jean-Baptiste POLJAK, the founder and CEO of Upciti, it was “quite simply inconceivable not to seek to offer a solution that would allow retailers to continue their business and consumers to be able to shop in complete security. So, when stage 3 of the epidemic was triggered, our teams, who usually work with many major retailers, worked hard to provide this unique solution, sticking to strict compliance with current data protection regulations”.


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