Ettelbruck (Luxembourg) is optimizing its traffic flows thanks to Upciti UPC5 sensors.

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After several weeks of roll-out and tests under the aegis of its Mayor, Jean-Paul SCHAAF, Ettelbruck (Luxembourg) presented the Smart parking solution deployed in the town in front of an audience of guests sorted on the fly.

Jean-Baptiste POLJAK, Chairman and Founder of Upciti, and Carlo POSING, Managing Director of took the floor in turn, after the Mayor had presented his roadmap for making Ettelbruck a true Smart City. With to start with, real-time monitoring of classic parking spaces and those reserved for the disabled, electric cars, deliveries and taxis. In total, 899 parking spaces monitored through the deployment of a network of 32 Upciti UPC5 sensors and 35 display panels.

All the results are available for users, live, on the display panels installed in the town of Ettelbruck and on the system manager’s app.

The RMS Trafic App allows for identify classic use, such as the occupancy of standard, disabled and EV parking spaces, as well as more specific cases, such as drop-off points, delivery bays and car share spaces. By way of simple rules defined by the system manager, it allows for handling contraventions and running the display panels.

In deploying such a solution, Ettelbruck has thus become Luxembourg’s first Smart City having fully connected its parking options, with clearly identified uses and proven user benefits.

As part of the good management of public budgets and continuous improvements, Ettelbruck performed an impact assessment for the solution in order to be able to measure the benefits for the town as precisely as possible.

It appears that congestion and the time taken to find a space have clearly reduced. “In as far as we don’t compromise the quality of the service we provide to our fellow citizens, the requisite condition for deploying such a solution was that it really delivered on all its promises,” Mr REDING, parking manager for Ettelbruck, told us, before continuing: “in fact, the Smart City stakeholders frequently appealed to us to deploy one solution or another, and we believed it was essential to ensure that the technologies actually keep all their promises once the solution was in use. And of course, to make this known when this was the case!”.

While it’s clear that technologies exist to make the Smart City a reality, Jean-Baptiste POLJAK, Chairman and Founder of Upciti and Carlo POSING, Managing Director of are not forgetting the human aspect either. Both acknowledge the vision of Ettelbruck’s elected officials and the quality of the dialogue held with the town.

“We are extremely proud of having among our clients the town of Ettelbruck, which has allowed us to deploy the RMS Trafic solution, the main beneficiaries of which will be the citizens, visitors to the town and the car park managers. We are also particularly grateful for the investment and involvement of the traffic department, which has allowed for optimizing and adapting this solution to meet everyday requirements,” Carlo POSING noted in particular.

“We are very grateful to for having worked with us to deploy a highly innovative technology and for allowing the time needed to achieve a very high quality of service. The results can be seen today and the Upciti/ partnership has proved itself,” concluded Jean-Baptiste POLJAK.

At the end of this inaugural day, the numerous guests were able to discuss things in greater detail over a drink with the various stakeholders and parties involved in this wonderful intelligent town production.

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