Parkoview, smart cities sensors raises €1,8 million from Demeter.

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Parkoview raises € 1,8 Millions to deploy in cities its one of a kind embedded image analysis sensor to provide precise data in real time about parking occupancy, traffic, or people attendance in streets. Founded in 2017 by Jean-Baptiste Poljak, Parkoview is a pioneer in Edge Computing in cities. Until then the deployment of powerful AI algorithms applied to video streams was limited in public areas for obvious reasons of privacy. With its unique sensor and algorithms, Parkoview offers state-of-the-art detection capabilities without recording or transmitting any image or video. All the processing is done locally thanks to its embedded computing capacity that allows large deployments in the heart of cities.

This €1.8 Million funding round led by Demeter, will allow to develop new use cases on current and future sensors network and allow Parkoview to develop its data sales model to cities and third parties. This development will involve strengthening the development, deployment and marketing teams.

“The unique positioning of the company in the value chain, as a pure provider of pre-processed data, ready to be used by third parties wishing to offerservices to end users, immediately convinced us,” says Thomas Virolle, Investment Manager at Demeter. He adds that “the maturity of Machine Learning algorithms, the size of the client’s pipeline and the operational excellence of Jean-Baptiste promise a great growth for the startup”.

A sensor designed and manufactured in France.

To collect data that will then be used by cities or third parties, Parkoview deploys and operates its own network of image analysis sensors. Fully designed and manufactured in France, they are the compromise between several constraints related to its installation environment. For instance, to conserve a reduced power consumption – to allow its installation on public lighting – despite the importance of computing power needed to run its algorithms. The accumulated experience on the installed fleet (more than 700 sensors installed since more than 2 years) allowed to refine the sensor and the algorithms in order to deploy today extremely powerful and reliable versions.

Concrete for the smart city.

The data collected by this sensor network are both precisely localized and real time. This allows to address use cases that previously required heavy infrastructures and pool them on a single sensor.

Availability of parking spaces in real time (with vehicle types and size), pedestrian counting (in shopping streets, at bus stops), flow count (cars, trucks, buses, bicycles, scooters), buses detection (for priority at crossroads), contextual support for autonomous cars or control of public lighting, are use cases currently deployed by the company. Parkoview is planning new developments to add value to its installed base and increase its network of partners using data from its sensors.

Large deployments in 2019.

The company has two main markets: cities, with large-scale projects being installed, covering entire city centers (Soissons, Orleans), but also shopping centers. Parkoview is currently active in France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Middle East. Several projects are being finalized in the United States and Canada and the company anticipates several projects in China with local partners.

“The Edge computing market for cities will explode in the coming years, and we believe that the successful players will be those with an existing fleet, strong experience with installation constraints and operational excellence to guarantee reliable results to customers whatever the conditions, “explains Jean-Baptiste Poljak, founder of Parkoview.

About Parkoview:

Parkoview ( was created in 2017 in Paris by Jean-Baptiste Poljak. The company designs, manufactures and operates a network of onboard image analysis sensors installed mainly on public lighting poles. It values the collected data to different public and private actors. Parkoview’s approach is unique and the technology developed allows a constant evolution of the network functionalities through regular updates. The accuracy of the data collected by Parkoview sensors are unrivaled to this day and allow the emergence of new services for businesses, cities and citizens.

About Demeter:

Demeter ( is a major European player in venture capital and private equity for the energy and ecological transition. Its funds invest from €1m to €30m to support companies in the sector at all stages of their development: innovative startups, small and mid-cap companies, as well as infrastructure projects. The Demeter team counts 35 people based in Paris, Grenoble, Metz, Madrid, and Münster, manages €1bn and has completed 130 investments over 12 years. Paris Fonds Vert is a growth fund with territorial impact created on the initiative of the City of Paris to accelerate the energy and ecological transition of large cities.

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