Soissons chooses the Upciti solution to reinvigorate the town centre.

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Highly committed to digitising his town to improve the quality of services for inhabitants and visitors, Alain Crémont, Mayor of Soissons (France) has a very precise vision of the smart town: “A town that uses new technologies to enhance and facilitate the lives of its inhabitants and the quality of its services and reduce its costs”.

This is why Soissons chose the Parkoview (now Upciti) solution, deploying 120 sensors to supervise 1600 parking places in the town centre.

The 16 parking areas on the roads and exterior car parks that are covered are part of the Town centre action reinvigoration programme. It won’t just be drivers who benefit. Shopkeepers, pedestrians and cyclists see nothing but advantages, rediscovering their town in a new light.

The indicator panels at the entrance to the town help ease traffic flow for perfect cohabitation with other users of the public spaces. Drivers can see the number of places available directly, and at the same time, the data collected helps Soissons to better understand and interpret flows in the town. Apart from easier access to shops and optimised parking rotation, this vital information will also be used in future developments.

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