Upciti, partner of the Esri Startup Program, will be present at the SIG 2020 Conference, from October 12 to 16 in Paris.

Technology :

A new neighborhood that is emerging, a bicycle path that is being created, a modified traffic plan… Small or large, cities are by nature spaces in continuous evolution. In order to simulate, plan and accompany them, cities can now rely on particularly powerful tools, such as GIS softwares.

These softwares, which can interface with Upciti sensors in particular, help public decision-makers make better decisions and build real Smart Cities. Thus, the best softwares on the market enable them at the same time to plan and analyze, monitor operations, manage equipment and infrastructure, collect data in the field or interact with users in their community. Among the many examples we could quote, the estimation of road traffic trends or the real-time monitoring of incidents and connected objects are carried out via user-oriented interfaces with intuitive dashboards.

As a proof of its ease of deployment and interconnection, it was therefore natural for Upciti to join the Esri Startup Program for a three-year period, in order to enhance the functionalities and use cases offered to end users.
« It was obvious that Upciti, a provider of accurate, localized, real-time data, should become a partner of Esri and its famous signature “The science of where” », says Jean-Baptiste POLJAK, Upciti’s Founding President. « And this is for the unique service of the new uses of geographic intelligence for ever more intelligent cities and areas. Thanks to our integration into the Esri Startup Program, we use ArcGIS (including ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS GeoEvent Server and ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server) for our internal needs, which means we know the solution and can then talk about it to customers and the ecosystem in a credible way. To that end, Esri provides us with access to online services, training, contents and other supports. »

The Paris GIS 2020 conference, from October 12 to 16, will be an opportunity to show the community the relevance and perfect complementarity between the data we provide and the Esri software suite, in order to offer public decision-makers the full range of tools to build territories that are easier to live in.



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