Upciti - An unequalled solution.

An unequalled solution.

Our Park, Move, Track, Light and Sound services have the single purpose of being really useful.

Relieving congestion in town centres through Park, optimising infrastructures through Move data, reducing electricity consumption through Light. Our applications give you a GDPR-compatible view, at both an overall and a granular level, of a district, a town or a local area. Our job is only accomplished when real, quantifiable gains have been achieved.

We have simplified the installation process to a maximum so that our sensors integrate naturally and easily into your existing installations while respecting the industrial constraints of urban structures.

Our sensors are compatible with all communication protocols (4G, 5G, PoE, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.) and with all supervisors and hypervisors on the market.

Thus, from the moment our sensors are installed and deployed, you instantly obtain your data and can make your decisions on the basis of information exploited on your preferred hypervisors.

Our Expertise